The Islamic Cleaning

Understand Samak / Taharah


The Islamic Cleaning The Islamic CleaningPurification or taharah plays a very important role in Islam. A muslim’s ibadah may be rejected if taharah is being neglected. Therefore all muslims have to follow the correct procedures in cleaning and cleansing all kinds of dirt according to syara especially when dealing with mughallazah filthobtained from dogs and pigs.

According to Islam, the only way to mughallazah filth is by washing the affected area 7 times, the 1st with water mixed with earth ( soil or sand ), and 6 with clean running water to ensure taharah or purification is taken place.

If a object was once contacted with haram, Samak will have to perform on the object with soil water once; and rinse with clean water six times to ensure Samak is taken place.

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