Halal Product

Halal Manufacturer Product

Bakery Equipment

Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Beverage Dispensers

Commercial Rice Cooker

Commercial Oven

Cooking Hood

Hot/Cold Water Dispensers

Water Coolers

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Food Cutting Equipment

Food & Beverage Equipment

Food Processing Equipment

bakeryequipment Halal Product jamproduct Halal Product fryingequipment Halal Product

Catering Equipment

Chillers & Freezers

Coffee Machines

Food & Beverage Equipment

Food Processing Equipment

Hotel Equipment


Ice-Cream Making Machines

Kitchen Equipment

Meat Processing Equipment

Ovens- Industrial

Packaging Machines


Refrigeration Equipment/ Cold Rooms

Sanitary Equipment & Supplies


Storage & Handling Equipment

Vending Machines

Weighing Machines

Kitchen Utensil


Food Processing Equipment

Food Packaging

Food Packaging Materials

Food Packaging Systems

Food Processing & Packaging Services


Food Processing Mixers

Plastic Food Packaging

Refrigeration Equipment

Disposable Paper & Plastic Wares

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What Really Is Halal Food ?

Any Halal meat are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines or permitted for consumption. Halal foods are the nature way of life as good, wholesome, pure, safe, clean, nourishing and healthy to consume.

Halal Food Guide

Remember, Halal can be eaten by non Muslims, however Muslims will only eat Halal Only.

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