What is Makruh?

What is Makruh / Makrooh ? (The Discouraged)


What is Makruh What is Makruh?Makruh is an Arabic word which means religiously ‘discouraged, dislike or detested’.

Makruh covers any foods, liquid, or smoking substances which is harmful to the body, either physically, mentally, psychologically or spiritually.

Makruh is that which is disapproved by the Law-Giver, but not very strongly as Makruh is less in degree than the Haram.

Anyone who is involved in the Makruh may be questioned on the Day of Judgement -( The day of resurrection where Muslim will appear before God who will judge people according to their deeds in the earthly life ) but may not be penalised.

Although Makruh may be less in degree than Haram, it can become Haram if anyone were to perform any act of Makruh excessively.

Some examples of Makruh things are harmful stimulants and/or depressant, substances which cause drug dependency, and smoking substances.

Stay Healthy and Halal.

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