Understand Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in Halal Foods

What is Bio-technology and Bio-enginerring?

Biotechnology and bioengineering have started a revolution in the food production, questions over question about the permissibility of Halal foods or Haram foods product using this technique.

biotechnologytomato Understand Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in Halal FoodsIslam is a viable religion for all times and such issues are being reviewed on a case to case basis by the Muslim scholars.

Biotechnology covers a wide range of biological science activities and may lead to a large number of different applications for the Halal product and our Muslim Food.

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What Really Is Halal Food ?

Any Halal meat are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines or permitted for consumption. Halal foods are the nature way of life as good, wholesome, pure, safe, clean, nourishing and healthy to consume.

Halal Food Guide

Remember, Halal can be eaten by non Muslims, however Muslims will only eat Halal Only.

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