Understand Haram Useable Product

What is Haram Useable Product?

Definition of Haram useable product

Halal products in the process with direct contact of Haram equipment or machinery will consider Haram.

Haram Useable Product Understand Haram Useable ProductCookware that used to produce Haram products such as an egg fried over a pan that was used to fry pork product. Cross contamination of BBQ set usage.

Kitchen ware that used to contain Haram products and bakery equipment such as coating brush (swine hair by products)

Cutlery that was used to cut Haram product

Drinking glass that used to contains alcohol.

Haram Useable Product 2 Understand Haram Useable ProductLeather products that are from crocodile, animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in according of Islamic law.

Cosmetic used placental tissue

Alcoholic Fragrance used alcohol

Cleaning agent or chemical that will be harmful or forbidden.

Haram Useable Product 3 Understand Haram Useable ProductHaram cover all facets of life such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, gambling, unlawful profits, immoral act, stealing, cheating, eating pork, consuming alcohol, etc

Anything that leads to Haram is considered Haram.

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