Halal Hygiene and Sanitation

Halal Ways of Hygiene And Sanitation

Hygiene has been given top priority in Islam and it includes the various aspects of personal hygiene, clothing, equipment and the working premises for processing or manufacture of Halal foods.  The objective is to ascertain that the food produced is hygienic and is not hazardous to health.cleaninghand Halal Hygiene and Sanitation

Hygienic can be defined as free from najis, contamination and harmful germs.

All Halal products shall be prepared, processed, packaged, transported and stored in such a manner that they are in compliance to hygiene and sanitary requirements of the relevant authorities.

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What Really Is Halal Food ?

Any Halal meat are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines or permitted for consumption. Halal foods are the nature way of life as good, wholesome, pure, safe, clean, nourishing and healthy to consume.

Halal Food Guide

Remember, Halal can be eaten by non Muslims, however Muslims will only eat Halal Only.

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