Is Milk Halal or Haram ?


Milk Halal or Haram Is Milk Halal or Haram ?Nature milk from buffalo, camel, cow and goat is Halal by itself however in some countries vitamins A and D must be fortified by law

a. What are the source of Vitamins A and D:
Vitamin A for milk fortification is produced commercially by reacting calcium carbonate with water and then esterified with palmitic acid (source can be from a plant or an animal or a synthetic).

Vitamin D3 is produced from sheep’s wool lanolin (Halal).

b. Presence of an emulsifier in Vitamin Mixes:

A fat based emulsifier Polysorbate 80 is added to the vitamin mix for milk fortification s as a processing aid ingredient to help vitamins to be mix and distributed evenly with milk so that it is satisfy the law requirement of a specific amount of vitamins per quart of milk.

This emulsifier is not mentioned on the ingredient declaration on the milk containers because it is considered a processing aid. This emulsifier should not be from pork fat ( Haram ). It has to be from plant fat such as soy bean.

c. This vitamins mixture must be Halal officially recognised certified as Halal because there is no FDA regulations about the source of vitamins and the emulsifier for vitamin mix. If a manufacturer wishes to use an emulsifier and vitamins from pork source, there is no law to prevent it.

d. Now almost every dairy in USA and most of countries is using Halal officially recognised certified vitamin mix, so the milk in USA, Canada and most of the countries is Halal. ( Please do double check on ingredient )

e. Composition of Vitamin mix for milk fortification:

Vitamin mix for milk fortification is made of Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Water, Polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier), Propylene Glycol (to prevent freezing) and Sodium Benzoate as preservative.

These ingredients other than Vitamin A and Vitamin D3 will not appear on the ingredients list of milk on its bottle because they considered as processing aid ingredients

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