Is Lipolyzed Butterfat Halal or Haram ?

Lipolyzed Butterfat

Lipolyzed Buterfat Is Lipolyzed Butterfat Halal or Haram ?The use of microbial Lipase enzyme is the requirement for lipolyzed butterfat to be considered Halal. Lipolyzed butterfat is made by use of Lipase enzyme to break butter fat to provide flavor.

L-Cysteine is a non essential amino acid used in bakery products as dough conditioner. It helps keep the dough from shrinking in case of pizza crust and pita breads. It is also used in bagels. It also reduced mixing time. L-Cysteine is made from either

* Human hair ( Haram )

* Chicken feathers and Duck feather

* Synthetic material

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What Really Is Halal Food ?

Any Halal meat are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines or permitted for consumption. Halal foods are the nature way of life as good, wholesome, pure, safe, clean, nourishing and healthy to consume.

Halal Food Guide

Remember, Halal can be eaten by non Muslims, however Muslims will only eat Halal Only.

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