Can a Mulim Consume Haram Food

Extreme Need

Extreme Need Can a Mulim Consume Haram FoodHowever, under certain conditions, there is no sin incurred if one partakes of these prohibited items. All the following conditions must be met to escape the sin:

1. Extreme need- no other food is available, including non-meat items, and some sustenance is required to maintain life. In fact, if no other food is available and one chooses to abstain, and then starves to death, they have committed a sin punishable by going to hell-fire. Consequently one must partake of just enough to sustain life.

2. Limited quantity – only the smallest amount necessary to sustain life is allowed. One should not have a full meal. (Remember, for a Muslim, a full meal is one third the volume of the stomach in food and one third in drink.) Some believe that three bites are all that are acceptable.


Three Mouthful

3. Halal activity – one who sets out to break the rules is not held without sin if he indulges in these prohibited items. If one goes out to commit a crime (sin), runs out of food and only finds these prohibited items, he is not allowed to partake of them; not even to the extent of the limited quantity defined above.
4. Lack of desire – there should be no desire to partake of this prohibited food. However, out of extreme need, one may have to “force it down” to survive.

5. Seek alternative – one must continue to seek a Halal alternative and immediately abstain from further prohibited products when the Halal alternative is found. Of course, if vegetables, roots, berries or other items are available, then these items cannot be eaten.

Source from IFANCA

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